torstai 27. lokakuuta 2011

Mirror mirror on the wall...

Just to resist that argument that I'm vain person I gotta tell you this....

For all my life I have been that 'the ugliest girl in room'. I have been teased about my way to look like a boy. But I didn't mind it. Before I got to the teen-ages. I got fed up with this image of me always being that ugly tom boy which is funny just when she slips. I wanted to get to the spotlight and finally have crowd, be the leader. I did always (on my own funny way) like dressing and everything touchable like clothing and jewerly. There was a diva growing inside of this shy boyish girl.

This 'diva' the inner me got free just when I did realize that I have to love me like my mom loves me, she knows the best of me and all my weakness, but still loves me with whole heart. I did know this 8my mom herself told me this) but I didn't understand it right, or I just left myself out of this law of love. Until now.

This is important ! Read this carefully

This law includes YOU too ! 
If you put this on question I think you should read that text above once more.

So I find the way to be loved: You gotta love yourself before the others can love you too.
This may sound so clichè but believe me I have seen it, it's so true !

Now I'm still working on it, I'm practicing to love myself. It's hard when you have been told that you are the worst person in whole world, but the results are worth of all that work to feel myself beautiful and successful.
Be cause when you have that feeling, everyone else can have that feeling about you 

Shopping makes me feel better, new clothes makes me look slimmer
Is that wrong if I fancy those things 'cause it makes me feel like I'm lovely?
If it is I got to be very vain person, but I think that this is just my way to thread myself.

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toi on just niin totta et ensin pitää opetella rakastamaan itseään ennenkuin voi luotta myös toisten rakastavan sinua.. mun äiti joka on käyny terapeuttikoulun, sanoi niin ja sitä kautta mä oon oppinu rakastaa itseä. ihana että oot aatellu tätä. rakas oot murunen<3

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