maanantai 6. kesäkuuta 2011

Few words of hope

Suicide isn't an option.

It never has been it to me.

Even I have been screaming :

' I' will kill myself '

Even I have been writing

suicide notes

Even I had cryed all night

And couldn't sleep

And felt so tired

Tired of trying

Try to rise

against the apathy

It all..

There was so dark

I was looking myself through the glass

Couldn't feel

Couldn't see


I had a dream

Dream of living

Dream of breathing

Dream of real love

I kept it on my mind

I preserved in my heart

Kept myself hoping

That there was a future to me too.


The death was close

Closer me than my own heart


So how the fuck I'm still here?

I don't know...

I gotta find it out..


Something inside of me

kept me alive

I guess

I know you

If you're thinking the same

That this is end of your life

Open your eyes

See me

See what I have been gone through

All those same things than you

This is a sign

This is a story of surviving

Believe yourself

Believe in your dream

And everything is possible.

It hasn't end yet.

There is a future to everyone.

Keep believing !

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